Make it a Happy Summer!

Happy Summer, Team!

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve updated the site! Hope your summer is treating you well and that some of you have enjoyed some vacations! Rest up because the holidays will be here in no time!

With that said, the focus I want to challenge all of you is on “time!” How are you perfecting your time? Are you practicing on your down time to protect your craft by watching videos or working on doll heads? Pay attention to your time when preforming your services, learning to foil or balayage in a more productive manner and faster pace.

As you know time is money and the longer it takes the less you make. Honestly, I want you all to be “six figure” service providers and I know it can be done. We have team members who have done it! Make it a priority to focus on and get your timing perfected for the soon busy holiday time.

Looking forward to our long over due team meeting on August 14 from 10:30 am -12:30 pm in the Natomas salon.

Much Love,

Boss Lady

#summer #speed #timing

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