Mind Your Manners

Happy almost summer time! Whew it has been busy!! From Earth Month to team meetings to loads of education.... lots of great inspiration! As we move into summer lots to think about in the salon and spa. It's a time for highlights, pedicures and waxing, especially Brazilian! So, lots to talk to guests about and get them thinking about their summer needs and future vacations. It’s also wedding season and now some of you are ready to do some amazing updos! Oh, and don't forget to remind the guests to get that massage before a vacation or wedding to get them relaxed for their exciting adventure!

So what’s on my mind....SALON ETIQUETTE! It is something that is so, so, so important to always be mindful of. Remember the absolute no-no's: such as having cross talk on the floor while guests are in the salon, being mindful of what you’re discussing with your guests and who can hear you and most importantly keeping your cool when things get tense with a guest!! Even when they are a challenge they know if you are rude, irritated or just don't seem to care. It’s an art form to always to try and make their day. Remember they may be having a bad day....you never know what is going on with them and they come to a salon and spa to escape and be pampered and feel good about themselves. It’s a hard job at times dealing with guests but truly if your just nice to them you can always win them over! In the almost 30 years I have been in this industry.

I know this to be absolutely true and that is something I feel that has helped me always succeed in this salon world. So remember what is the image your putting out their for the Strands brand and your brand. Are you preforming to your best ability and looking your best at all times? Do you represent that 5 star service? Would you go to you? Just food for thought my family! Keep it classy team and think of yourself as a luxury brand!

Have a great month of May and June.....

Much love and Success,

Boss Lady

#etiquette #manners

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