It's Almost Earth Month

Happy Earth Month team!! I know we are starting it early this year but that will give us 1 1/2 months to reach our goal for each salon! For those of you who do not know what earth month is its a huge time that we get together as a network to help raise awareness and funds to help make clean water a necessity and not a luxury. Every 18 seconds now a child dies from lack of access to clean water in the world. That is not ok!! In California the water is seriously contaminated and the public for the most part does not even realize it. Together the money that is raised goes towards helping clean the water in California by partnering with The Clean Water Fund and Keep Tahoe Blue Please take some time to learn about these 2 organizations so you can explain to the guest where the money is going. The earth month light the way candles help Global Greengrant Funds to give access for communities to clean water, as you can see in the video posted here on the team site. Aveda as a network has raised 32 million in the last 10 years!! AMAZING!! Strands has in the past raised the most money in Northern California, lets do it this year team! So this is what we are doing to raise money;

With each donation the guest will get a travel size product! WIN WIN!! The selections are as follows:

Beautifying Body Moisture / retails $8.00

Botanical Kinetics Gel Cleanser / retails $9.50

Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion / retails $9.50

Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair / retails $11.00

Dry Remedy Masque / retails $9.50

Hand Relief / retails $9.50

They can not choose more than one of each product! This is how it is laid out:

Donate $10 get choice of 1 travel size

Donate $25 get choice of 2 travel size (2 different products)

Donate $50 get choice of 3 travel size (3 different products)

So their donation, as you can see, buys them a travel product for almost the same amount they are donating! What a win for the guest and for EARTH MONTH and the families and children!! Lets do this team! Lets blow it out of the dirty water!



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