Love The Love

Love!!! Ahhh, a month dedicated to love! So weird these traditions because we should love all the time, but he,y what's wrong with bringing it into the front of our minds in February as a society. So I say lets celebrate it!! I challenge you all to love each other as team members even when you might feel a little irritated or stand-offish of someone! Everyone wants love even if they seem like they don't. Are they too strong, don't seem open, or just maybe shy?! Same goes for our guests; giving them some love, even the challenging ones, it's just great to see them light up! So, let's celebrate this month of love and spread it around to our coworkers, guests, friends and family and

of course our BAE! Love the love my team because in today's world, we all really need it to help unite!



#love #team #TeamStrands

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