Happy October, Team!!

I just wanted to start with saying that we will be updating the web site at the beginning of each month as my first thought of doing it weekly I found out was to ambitious on my part (go figure).

So, you may be able to tell by the videos I chose for this month that I am looking at the mindset of "CHANGE!" It's such a huge part of our lives everyday from small changes to big ones. Whether it's dealing with a guest and their need for change, change in our schedule each day at the salon or new team members coming on board and existing team members leaving. Change is inevitable every day and adapting to it can sometimes be a challenge!

So how do you choose to deal with change? Embrace it and see the exciting opportunities it brings whether it's giving a guest a new look or just some TLC or allowing yourself to take a break in your day and go for a walk and give yourself some TLC.

How do you deal with the change in your personal life? Change brings so many different emotions....happy, excited, scared, anxious, stress or relief.... it's all in your perspective when you are sitting in change!! Take some time and ponder this, my Strands family! Until next month team, wishing you much success in your mind set of "CHANGE"!

Much Love,

Boss Lady

P.S. Speaking of change it is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Kristen and Susie. I will be having a going away dinner in Nov on a sunday...stay tuned! We also have new team members: Sierra (esthetician), Kerry (stylist), Natalie (stylist), Lauren (front desk).


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