Being Your Authentic Self

Being authentic…hmmmm?! That is a great conversation to be had. I love the new video posted with Brene Brown speaking about being authentic and I completely agree that it is something that takes practice. But man, oh man, people can tell when you're being authentic or faking it. In our personal and professional life this is something that we all have to practice and I have to say for myself it is something I try to be very conscious about. I know when I may be speaking to each of you or with a guest that it is so important to be present and engaged. I truly believe this is where the magic happens in life. I hope thinking about your behaviors has helped all of you with tracking your progress on a weekly basis. Your behaviors will be a reminder if you are engaged and authentic with your craft and your guests. This is something to mull over team. I really recommend Brene Brown. If you search for her on You Tube, she has one of the top ten TED talks out there and her books are amazing. Have a very happy, authentic and prosperous week team and I will be checking on all of you when I am back from vacation!

Much love,

Boss Lady

#authenticity #behaviors

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